client testimonials

Pam is always with us every step of the way, every breath and every stretch. Guiding. checking and working with each one in the class - whether in studio or online

Excellent ways to get in touch with and become aware of one's beautiful, special and unique body.
A in Parkhurst
Pam’s classes are awesome-they are extremely beneficial and quite frankly vital for me!
J in Randburg
I don’t like exercise, but with Pam’s movement class I have achieved control of lower back pain, prolonged bending, stress incontinence, straightened spine, improved balance and gain in strength. If I don’t attend for 3 weeks or more, boy do I know about it!
A in Johannesburg
Grey Matters
And I can vouch for Pam, she’s a wonderful and care filled teacher!
M in Johannesburg


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