client testimonials

Pam’s classes are healing me. I want to say thank you to Pam and how much the classes are helping. I’m not completely pain-free in my back but it’s definitely easing and I think I’m learning how to use my body again. I think she’s amazing, especially how she remembers everyone.
I love what Nia does for me Pam. And you have such a lovely energy. Thank you.
C in Guildford UK
These classes are what I’ve been looking for, for a long time. Thank you for allowing me into your classes. You’ve reintroduced hope into my life. And purpose. These classes have been amazing. They have been a real mind shift for me. Really, thank you so much. You’ve made a huge difference to my life.
Pam’s classes are instant serotonin in a way I have rarely encountered.
D in Cape Town
Pam’s classes have been vital for me. No other word for it. I get so much more working with her online as I feel it is one-on-one. The regular programme keeps us up to scratch and watching her eliminates mistakes you see in a larger gym class. For me with a strange spine I have improved my flexibility and balance which as she states is vital as you grow older.”
P in KZN
Loved your class. More please.
M in Chicago USA
Pam’s classes are better than what the big ‘active’ brand offers. I have maintained a good level of fitness and flexibility over the years and have been surprised to find Pam’s online Stretch and Strength classes have raised my awareness as to which muscle should be reacting to each movement! I have tried online recorded classes but they do not compare to Pam’s live classes and the constructive feedback if one is doing an exercise incorrectly.
What a difference the mic made. Loved it. Having more meaning was great. Also counting is just so helpful. Loved it so thank you so much. It’s so lovely to see you in action. Love your sessions.
K in Dubai UAE
Thank you for your love and expertise this year. My body needs you as does my mind. It’s been an awful year in so many ways, but I so appreciate the opportunity to connect with my body and be grateful for its ability to get me through the year.
Thanks for the beautiful classes. I cannot explain how much fitter and stronger I feel. It’s truly amazing . You rock Pam. I wish I could encourage more people to join. Thank you
You are amazing online. I am so amazed at how engaging it was.
Hi Pam, well I have to say having played (golf) Monday Wednesday and Friday which is rare for me , my swing and shoulder movement kept my drives straight, plus no tiredness .
(74 years old)
Hi Pam A quick thank you for the great classes - both NIA and Strength & Stretch. They have helped so much to relieve my neck and back pain from long hours of working at a computer! The morning classes help me to focus for the day and the evening classes help me to relax. Fun & inspirational classes - a first for me.
J in JHB