Strength & Stretch

This is my unique workout to ensure your
health, fitness and wellbeing are maintained
and enhanced through body sculpting exercise. As an added bonus, your
posture will also improve with these workouts.
It’s suitable for the
health and fitness needs of all ages.
I promise you’ll experience a somatic* awareness and a fabulous sense of wellbeing which increases with every class.


Nia is a movement practice designed around the intelligence of the body, and is now enjoyed by millions throughout the world. Currently, I hold a blue belt instructor’s licence and it would be my pleasure to introduce you to what is also known as the Joy of Movement.
Each workout uses the nine movement forms from the martial arts, dance arts and healing arts, set to soulful music. Practised barefoot,
you’ll experience mindful mood guidance and somatic* education.
We call Nia the body’s way to fitness, health and wellbeing.


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